Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Held In Solitary Confinement, Bail Set at $7 Million

According to TMZ, LAPD picked Holder up from the station and brought him to a another in South L.A., where he’s currently being held in solitary confinement. Police say due to the crime he committed, which rocked many people all over LA, they fear for his life. It was said that police refused to let Holder mingle with the general population, because they believe he’s a target. Sources added that he’ll remain in solitary once he’s transferred to L.A. County Jail while awaiting trial.

This Wednesday morning, a judge set Holder’s bail at $7,040,000.

He cant be around no crips and he can’t be around no bloods! He getting killed. If not before trial; after, if not now; later! The streets got too much love Nipsey to let this sucka live. Long Live Nip Hussle tha Great!